Container Security CTF DEFCON NYE 2021

Container Security Capture the Flag (non-competitive)

What is This?

This non-competitive Kubernetes Capture the Flag (CTF) event for DEF CON NYE 2021 features a Kubernetes-based CTF challenge, where teams and individuals can build and test their Kubernetes hacking skills. Teams are not competing against each other, as the “answer key” is available.

Each team/individual is given access to a single Kubernetes cluster that contains a set of serial challenges, winning flags and points as they progress. Later flags pose more difficulty, but count for more points.

This is a repeat of the DEF CON 29 Kubernetes CTF. We’ll be providing teams with a walkthrough video, which demonstrates how to solve the entire CTF. Most players will likely use the walkthrough video in some way, in solving the CTF. Whether you use it for hints or as an outright open book answer key, you are virtually guaranteed to learn quite a bit.

A scoreboard tracks the teams’ current and final scores, but its primary purpose is to provide hints.

This is open to only 30 teams and only from Friday 2pm – Friday 11:59pm Pacific.

You must accept the rules below to participate.

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How to Play

Registration Closed from 5pm to 8pm


The following rules are intended to keep the game both fair and interesting: